What is programmatic recruitment?

Simply put: Programmatic recruitment is the use of software and data to ensure your online job ads are in front of the right people, at the right time, at the best possible price. Still with us? There’s a bit more…

first, some background

The evolution of recruitment advertising

Before the internet, companies posted job ads in newspapers when they needed to hire staff. Typically, classified ads were priced ‘per word.’

In the late 1990s, the Internet turned that entire notion on its head…

Employers paid-per-word and posted their ads in the classifieds of newspapers, magazines and other outlets.~1900

Led by Monster, the first job sites allowed employers to advertise jobs online, where organizations paid per post.


Indeed brought pay-per-click to the job advertising space, further evolving how employers buy and pay for job ads.


Appcast was the first to broadly commercialize programmatic technology that allowed employers to stop paying for job ads by the word, post, or click… but rather for a completed application. Game-changing.


This programmatic revolution won’t be televised...you have to learn about it here. 90% of employers who try programmatic recruitment never go back.

“Programmatic recruiting technologies use software and data to efficiently advertise your open jobs across the Web, finding the best sites and destinations for your job advertising dollars so you get qualified candidates at the lowest possible cost.”
Chris Forman Appcast CEO
– Chris Forman, CEO & Founder Appcast
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Programmatic Recruitment Technology 101

Understand the fundamentals of programmatic recruiting, and learn how programmatic technology can impact recruiting results.

Where the magic happens


Optimizing your job advertising program involves using technology, strategy, artificial intelligence, and data to adjust the levers of efficiency so that you get qualified candidates for all of your open jobs while never wasting a penny on applicants you don’t need. Here are the component parts of any effective job ad optimization program:

Programmatic Software

You need software that automates ad buying tasks, many of which could not be done manually due to the speed required to reach the most qualified candidates in a real-time bidding environment like a job advertising exchange.


Rules are the instructions you give the software about how you want your budget spent and the outcomes you desire.


Performance tracking keeps count of what is happening with your jobs in terms of clicks, candidate applications, and hires.

Market Data

Market data is used to understand the real-time conditions your job ads are competing in and to help the software understand what it needs to do to achieve desired recruiting results.


AI optimizes bids based on the volume and conversion rates that our Machine Learning model predicts.

Hiring Funnel

Tracking how you progress candidates through your hiring funnel allows us to make smarter decisions about where to post your jobs – i.e. the sources that are more likely to deliver qualified applicants.

"90% of companies that use programmatic are either
continuing or increasing their investment for 2022."
- Aptitude Research

Optimize your recruitment needs today!

Interactive Content
Programmatic recruitment technology 101
Understand the fundamentals of programmatic recruiting, and learn how programmatic technology can dramatically impact recruiting results.
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What is A Job Ad Exchange?

The mutual fund of recruitment advertising

With a job ad exchange, your jobs are advertised to candidates across a network of job sites, aggregators, and search & social platforms. You, as the recruiter, no longer have to figure out where your ads should be placed… the software makes the decision. Simple.
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