Agency Partner Program

Leverage the power of Appcast’s programmatic job advertising solutions to deliver better outcomes for your clients.
Agency Partner Overview​

Recruitment advertising optimized for your clients
& your teams​

Gain a trusted recruitment advertising advisor when you partner with Appcast.
Better Ad Buying
Empower your agency to make better recruitment advertising decisions by utilizing Appcast’s source-agnostic programmatic solutions.
Data & Transparency
Give your team a competitive edge with universal & real-time reporting that can be used to drive insights for current & future client needs.
Candidate Reach
Join and access a certified, reliable marketplace of the world’s leading job sites to reach more candidates than those found on any single job site.
Global Hiring
Via Appcast’s partnership with The Network, get an international advertising “easy button” to ensure your clients will have all their global hiring needs met.
“We recently partnered with Appcast for all our programmatic placement. The setup was seamless and our team at Appcast has been fantastic to work with. We couldn’t be happier with the results and how easy it is to use the dashboard.”
Penney Moore head shot
Penney Moore
Digital Marketing Manager, Ramsey MediaWorks
Some of our Valued Agency Partners
Haley Marketing
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Symphony Talent
“After evaluating numerous options, Appcast proved to be the right choice for Haley Marketing when we decided to enter the programmatic job advertising space. We receive nothing but quality support and training to leverage Appcast’s software, which allows us to deliver awesome recruiting results for our clients.”
Matt Lozar Headshot
Matt Lozar
Director of Recruitment Marketing, Haley Marketing

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