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2023 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Appcast’s 7th annual Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report provides the data you need to understand where, when, and how to reach the candidates you seek.

2023 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report
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Dig deep into the data to understand the ever-shifting trends that impact your ability to attract and hire talent.

Understand the fundamentals of programmatic job advertising and learn how technology and data drive recruiting results.

Learn how to build an integrated recruitment marketing strategy through employer branding, job advertising, and more.

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Candidates Are Searching Right Back
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Here to Stay: The Benefits of Programmatic 
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9 Ways to Shape your Employment Brand
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Labor Market Trends with Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers joins the People and Performance Podcast to discuss how inflation impacted…
Modern Job Advertising 101 - UK Edition
Employers are moving away from traditional job boards and toward a data-driven, technology-enabled,…
Programmatic Recruitment Technology 101
Understand the fundamentals of programmatic recruiting, and learn how programmatic technology can impact…
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