Our Roots

Appcastians take immense pride in our distinctive independence. Our founding roots stretch across the landscapes of New Hampshire, Belarus, and New Brunswick (Canada) – representing not only geographical origins but also the rich cultural tapestries woven by our original teams.

Our Expanded Appcast Family

In 2019, Appcast was acquired by the Stepstone Group, the 3rd largest ‘jobs’ business in the world (behind Indeed & LinkedIn)marking a significant milestone in the evolution of both organizations. Our roots grew as we acquired Bayard Advertising in July 2023. This pivotal move added an amazing team of recruitment marketing experts to our mix and expanded our footprint with six new offices across the United States. Despite the diverse origins and backgrounds, there’s a shared quality that binds us all: a resounding determination to march to the beat of our own drums while harmonizing into a collective rhythm defines the essence of who we are.

What Brings Us Joy

We like to build things that have value for our clients and where we can see the impact of our efforts. Appcastians work hard, and it’s important for each individual to see how what they do everyday matters. It’s a simple concept, but incredibly rewarding.

Chris Forman CEO Appcast

We’re focused on doing good. This isn’t some hippy commune, ‘free love’ thing… it’s a business strategy. People want, need, and seek out purpose – personally AND professionally. At Appcast, that comes both from changing how companies find talent and the good works we do in our communities – whether it be using our hands to build schools, our hearts to serve others at the community kitchen, or our voices to stand with those who need support.

Family drives our mission. We are motivated to work hard so that our more than 500+ employees (and growing!) can take care of their families while enjoying their lives at the same time. Feeling your work matters to your clients, family, and community is the foundation of what we have tried to create at Appcast. We believe it makes a stronger business and a more resolute team.

Chris, Founder & CEO

Appcast by the Numbers

Because we love data, we ran the numbers on our organizational DNA so you can get a better sense of who we are.

Year Founded
0 +
Employees (& counting)
Countries of Operation
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Office Dogs
Our Values

Our success stems from the values we share and live every day.

At Appcast – a proud member of the Stepstone Group – our values reflect a resounding commitment to our global community, comprised of our exceptional employees, valued customers, trusted partners, and the diverse local communities we engage with across the globe.

We are Kind

We are always kind through our words and actions.

We Go Beyond

We know our purpose will change societies and that fuels our ambition.

We Radically Include

We are intentionally inclusive and embrace differences.

We Are Better Together

We are united, we have fun and we celebrate success.

We Speak Truth To Power

We believe saying and doing the right thing is more important than hierarchy.

We Stand On Our Number

We take end-to-end responsibility and accountability for our actions.

We Act With a Revolutionary Heart

We have the courage to embrace opportunities that make a difference.

Diversity & Inclusion
We’re Committed to Our D&I Journey

Our shared values drive us to continue improving how we engage, support, and celebrate employees of all backgrounds and experiences.


We like to build and innovate, we love to help people, and we also love data. That’s why we created Recruitonomics, an insights hub to empower hiring organizations.

The Batey Foundation
Good works outside of work

Sharing our success with those less fortunate is a large part of what drives us to work hard. From volunteering at community kitchens and supporting our local schools, to supporting The Batey Foundation (pictured right), we want to extend our reach outside the walls of our offices.

Everyday pionerds

Sure, we geek out over data and tech, but at the end of the day we’re just a bunch of good people who like to have fun.

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