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Intelligent job distribution powered by AI and informed by humans.

Appcast AI Improves your Recruiting Outcomes

Described as “Appcast Intelligence” – the team at Appcast have created a methodology that works alongside AI to take the hard work out of filling your recruitment funnels.


Artificial Intelligence powered bidding to get the candidates you need.

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Appcast uses massive data to optimize cost vs volume.


Sophisticated natural language processing so you can target the right candidates.

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Massive data to forecast Cost & Volume trade-offs

By powering billions of job ad interactions and $1billion in annual recruitment budgets, Appcast is able to forecast the expected price point for clients’ ever-evolving hiring goals.

The AI model predicts how a change in goal CPA will affect the delivered candidate volume, based on the performance of past and current campaigns. These estimates are continuously updated to help customers accurately answer the age-old question, ‘What should my budget be if I want to make X hires?’

For example, Appcast AI helps answer the question: "What should my budget be if I want to make X hires?"

AI Optimizes Bids to your Cost Targets

The AI-powered bidding system, incorporated into Appcast’s products, optimizes bids based on the volume and conversion rates that our Machine Learning (ML) model predicts.

This model is continuously trained using hundreds of variables adding up to 78 billion daily micro adjustments that reflect the market behavior at various points in time, at different levels of aggregation (individual job, campaign, job category, employer, publisher, and their combinations).

The model is built in such a way, so that a pattern that is detected for campaign A at point in time X in the past, can be also detected for campaign B that’s happening currently. This way, the model will predict the most likely market behavior, and tell our algorithm the bid which is optimal given the anticipated market conditions, and the cost targets.

For example, Appcast AI helps answer the question: “What should my bid be if I have a $400 CPH or $25 CPA goal?"

Job classification natural language processing to target the right candidates

Appcast’s parent company, StepStone, has developed a multimillion dollar global natural language processing (NLP) content tagging (job type, category, etc) engine that has been integrated into Appcast’s ad optimization pipeline to precisely match the job to the workforce marketplace so you can target the right candidates.

For example, Appcast AI helps answer the question: "Is your job for a java developer or java coffee server?"

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